Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court's Office files civil lawsuits, probate and estate records, felony criminal actions, adoptions, youth records, insanity records, marriage records, and dissolution records.

This office also issues passports, acts as jury commissioner for Hill County, and collects and disburses restitution, fines, and surcharges in criminal cases.

While the Clerk of Court’s Office is here to assist the public, §§ 3-1-601 and 7-4-2210, MCA prohibit this office from giving legal advice or preparing legal documents.  Only an attorney can give you legal advice.  Additionally, notary public services are not available in this office, and we do not accept personal checks or credit/debit cards at this time.


Montana Codes Annotated
Self-Representation Forms
Affidavit to claim excuse
Passport Information
Montana District Courts Locator and Rules
Marriage Certificate Application


How do I obtain a copy of my marriage license, divorce decree, or other court order?
You may either appear in our office personally, or you can mail a written request to the Clerk of Court, 315 4th Street, Havre, MT  59501.  The request should include the names of the groom and the bride (maiden name) and date of marriage.  Please include a self-addressed stamped, return envelope and the proper payment.  A copy of a divorce decree is $10.00, regardless of length, a copy of a marriage license is $5.00, and an additional $2.00 is required for certification of any document.  For other requests, please call or email to obtain cost information.

How can I contact the Justice Court, City Court, or the Office of Public Defender?
City Court:  (406) 265.8575
Justice Court: (406) 265.5481 x 2417
Office of Public Defender: (406) 265.2199

What should I do if I have been summoned for jury duty but cannot appear?
You must submit an Affidavit to Claim Excuse.   Please be detailed and provide proof if possible (example: appointment card, flight itinerary).  The affidavit will be reviewed by the Court and we will notify you of the decision.
Most jury trials last no more than two or three days.  Once you have served on a jury, you will be excused from service for the remainder of the jury term.

How do we obtain a marriage license?
Both parties must personally appear in our office, bring photo ID or a certified birth certificate, and $53.00 cash.  If either party has been married before, you must present a certified copy of your most recent divorce decree or death certificate for review (this will be returned to you).  Please expect the application process to take approximately twenty minutes.

A marriage license is effective immediately and expires in 180 days.

If you wish to have the Justice of Peace or City Court Judge solemnize the marriage, please contact that office to make arrangements.

Click here to download the Marriage Certificate Application

Can I fax or e-file?
Yes, with the exception of documents to initiate a new case in which fees are required.  A fax or e-file will be accepted in those situations if payment has been received by our office.  This office does not accept credit/debit cards for filing fees.

How far back do your records go?
Hill County was established in 1912, and we have court records dating back to that time.  For records from this area prior to 1912, contact the Chouteau County Clerk of District Court in Fort Benton at (406) 622.5024.




Kathie Vigliotti

Clerk of District Court

Celeste Wendland

Deputy Clerk
(406) 265-5481 x 2330
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Karen Kinsella

Deputy Clerk
(406) 265-5481 x 2332
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