Elected Officials & Department Heads

Below you will find a list of all department heads at Hill County and their perspective contact information.  To contact the county directly, call (406) 265-5481.



Tony Dolphay

Manager, Havre City-County Airport



Kathy Olson


Christine Wold

Deputy, Auditor

Beaver Creek Dam

Tim Herron

Beaver Creek Dam Manager

Beaver Creek Park

Aubrey Williams

Beaver Creek Park

    Chad Edgar

    Park Superintendent

    Board of County Commissioners

    Michael Wendland

    Chairperson, County Commissioner, District No. 1

    Diane McLean

    County Commissioner, District 2

    Mark Peterson

    County Commissioner, District 3

    Stefnie Redding

    Deputy, Clerk/Administrative Assistant

    Buildings & Maintenance

    Daryl Anez

    Buildings & Maintenance Manager


    Merrill Gray

    Cemetery Manager

    Clerk & Recorder/Elections

    Susan Armstrong

    Clerk & Recorder/ Election Administrator

    Kaci Hipple

    Deputy, Elections

    Beth Jensen

    Deputy, Clerk

    Clerk of District Court

    Kathie Vigliotti

    Clerk of District Court

    Celeste Wendland

    Deputy, Clerk

    Karen Kinsella

    Deputy, Clerk

    Conservation District

    Emily Mayer

    Conservation District Administrator

    Council on Aging

    Evelyn Havskjold

    Council on Aging Director

    County Attorney

    Jessica Cole-Hodgkinson

    County Attorney

    Stephanie L. McKnight

    Deputy, County Attorney

      Robert McCamey

      Deputy, County Attorney

      Disaster and Emergency Services

      Dave Sheppard

      DES Coordinator

      Extension Office/MSU

      Rhonda Gregoire

      Extension - SNAP Ed Program

      Nicole Gray

      County Extension Agent

      Katrin Finch

      Extension Agent

      Amanda Johnson

      Administrative Assistant, Extension Office/MSU


      Great Northern Fair Manager

      Health Department

      Kim Larson

      Director, Health Department

      Wanda Meredith

      Family Planning Coordinator

      Nicole Hungerford

      WIC Coordinator

      Clay Vincent


      Human Resources/Personnel

      Emily Mayer

      Clerk, Human Resources/Personnel

      Justice Court

      Audrey Barger

      Justice of the Peace

      Milk River Levee

      R. L. Grant

      Milk River Levee Coordinator


      Jim Spangelo

      H. Earl Clack Museum Manager

      Public Administrator

      Barbara Salerno

      Public Administrator

      Road/Bridge Department

      Andy Hanson

      Road/Bridge Department Supervisor

      Sheriff Department

      Don Brostrom

      Sheriff/ Coroner

      Jamie Ross


      Superintendent of Schools


      Superintendent of Schools


        Sandy Brown


        Deputy Treasuerer

        Unified Disposal District

        Brad Tommerup

        Unified Disposal District Manager

        Weed/Mosquito District

        Terry Turner

        Weed/ Mosquito District Supervisor