Clerk and Recorder

Responsibilities of the Clerk & Recorder include but are not limited to, recording and maintaining the majority of all the legal documents relating to real estate records, land descriptions, plats and surveys, county birth and death records and the records of the Board of County commissioners.  Maintain county-wide accounting and financial reporting system, budgets and fixed asset control.

The election department maintains voter records, prepares for and conducts primary, general and county elections. Preparations include certifying the local ballot, preparing ballot layouts, assembling and distributing supplies and training election judges.

My Voter Page - A Service of Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch - Find your polling place, track your absentee ballot, and view a sample ballot.



Birth Certificate Application

Death Certificate Request

Document Standards

Realty Transfer Certificate

Military Discharge/DD214 Application




 Standard Documents  $8.00  Per Page
 Non-Standard Documents  $10.00  An additional flat fee per document
 Military Discharge Papers  NO FEE
           1 Cert. Copy  NO FEE
           Additional Cert. Copy  $2.00
 Certified Document
           In-State  $8.00  Per Page
           Out-of-State  $8.00  Per Page
           Court Ordered  $8.00  Per Page
 Documents Acknowledged
           Before April 28th, 2007  $8.00  Per Page


 Subdivisions and Plats  $5.00  Per Document
           Each Lot up to 100  $.50  
           Each Additional Lot 100+  $.25  
 Certificate of Survey  $5.00  
           Each Tract  $.50  
 Corner Recordation  NO FEE


 FEDERAL TAX LIENS               
 Federal Tax Lien  $7.00  
 Release of Federal Tax Lien  NO FEE  
 Subordination of Lien  $7.00


 Financing Statement  $7.00  
 Continuation Statement  $5.00  
 Assignment Statement  $5.00  
 Partial Release Statement  $5.00  
 Amendments  $5.00  
 Termination Statement  NO FEE  
 Search UCC Request (Lien Search)  $7.00  Per Name

Lexis Dockter

Clerk & Recorder/ Election Administrator

Briana Warren

Fee & Reception Clerk/Deputy Clerk & Recorder

Montana Secretary of State
State of Montana Vital Records