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   By law no partial payments are allowed, please call for exact amount.

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Renew Registration*

*(Plate, VIN, and exact amount are required to use online County renewal service)


Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

To renew your vehicle registration online visit the State of Montana's website at or go directly to the link to the application at
315 4th Street Havre, MT 59501
(406)265-5481 ext. 2419

Vehicle Title and Registration forms are available through the state of Montana, Department of Justice

Out of state residents who are temporarily working in Montana or are using their vehicle for hire, compensation or profit, must display Montana plates and pay taxes for using Montana public roadways. Because they are not Montana residents, they cannot title their vehicles in Montana. To qualify for a registration purposes only permit, the out of state resident must provide a current out of state registration. A temporary registration is acceptable, as long as it's current.

Students who are residents of another state do not need to plate and register their vehicle unless they are working while going to school. They must title if they own the vehicle, but a registration purpose only permit is allowed if the vehicle is registered to a different owner, parent for example.

It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Montana without valid vehicle liability insurance policy, certificate of self-insurance or posted indemnity.

I have moved to Montana, what do I need to register my car?

If you are coming from another state, please register your vehicles as soon as you establish residency in Montana, or before your out-of-state registration expires, whichever comes first. In order to register your vehicle you will need to provide us with the Certificate of Title. If the Certificate of Title to your vehicle is being held by a lien holder, the Motor Vehicle Department will provide you with a foreign title transfer form. This will allow the Certificate of Title to be transferred to a Montana Title and then returned to your lien holder.

What about renewing Montana plates?

A renewal decal (or tab), that will make your license plate current, will be issued each year after the fees are paid. If you keep your address updated, a courtesy renewal notice will be mailed directly to you from the State of Montana. Nevertheless, if none is received, each driver is still responsible for timely registration renewal. If your registration receipt has an expiration date, you have until the last day of the following month to renew your registration.

I may want to personalize my plates?

If you would like to have personalized license plates, they are available to you for an additional fee. Unique options are possible using your choice of up to seven numbers and letters, providing the combination is not offensive or in bad taste and has not already been issued to someone else. The initial cost is $35 for plate manufacture and then $10 annually in addition to normal registration fees.

Specially designed plates for veterans, colleges, military units and others are also available at their own initial and annual rates. Vintage and Antique vehicles may be distinguished with their own plate issue also.
New registration needed, plates gone, decal missing?

New vehicle purchasers may obtain a 40 day sticker from the Hill County Treasurer. You must present a notarized bill of sale or notarized signed off title at the time you apply for a sticker.

If you have lost a plate or decal, get a new issue from the Hill County Treasurer. Replacement costs are $20.00.  Reporting the loss to the police may also be appropriate.
How much will it cost?

Registration costs are based on state established fee schedules. In addition to your registration fee. Hill County imposes a county option tax. This tax is based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price, depreciated according to the schedule established by law.
When and where do I pay?

The Hill County Treasurer accepts cash, personal checks and money orders made out to Hill County Treasurer in the exact amount of your registration. Please do not send cash through the mail. MasterCard, Discover, and Visa are now accepted by the Hill County Treasurer, however there is a 3% convenience fee collected on any card transactions.

Help us Help you -  renew your registration by mail!

How can I find out more about donating my vehicle?

Wheels for wishes is a free resource for people who have a vehicle to recycle.

We accept unused and damaged license plates which get recycled and the proceeds go towards the MT Hope Project.

Montana Hope Project

P.O. Box 5927
Helena, MT 59604

Richard L. Hader
[email protected]
2360 Bob White Ct
Missoula, MT 59808

The goal of the Hope Project is to make dreams come true for critically ill children in Montana. It raises money through fundraisers, corporate donors, donations and memorials, and ninety percent of all proceeds raised go directly to Montana children. The most requested wish is a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Hill County Treasurer
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