Superintendent of Schools

2017 Rural Montana Teacher of the Year

The MACSS Rural Teacher of the Year committee is pleased to announce that the winner of this year's award is Jill Wilson of Woodman Elementary.  Jill was nominated by Erin Lipkind, Missoula County Superintendent of Schools.  She is an outstanding teacher who will represent Montana very well at the national contest.  She will be recognized at the MACSS conference in Helena on February 15, 2017.


2017 Hill County spelling Bee

The 2017 Spelling Bee is scheduled for February 28 at the Havre Middle School beginning at 9:00 am.  Students in grades 5-8 will compete to attend the state spelling bee on March 18, 2017 on the Rocky Mountain College campus.  Students from all Hill County Schools are welcome to compete as well as home schools and St. Judes Elementary.  The public is welcome to watch.


Hill County Schools

Havre Public Schools     PO Box 7791     Havre, MT  59501
Highland Park School          1207 Washington     Havre, Mt  59501     406-265-5554
Lincoln-McKinley School     801 4th St     Havre, Mt  59501                406-265-9619
Sunnyside School                 601 4th St     Havre, Mt  59501                  406-265-9671
Havre Middle School             1441 11th St West     Havre, Mt  59501   406-265-9613
Havre High School                 900 18th St     Havre, MT  59501            406-265-6731

Box Elder Schools              PO Box 205     Box Elder, MT  59521
Box Elder Elem K-6, 7-8     Main Street     Box Elder, MT  59521 406-352-3222
Box Elder High School         Main Street     Box Elder, MT  59521 406-352-4195

Rocky Boy Schools           81 Mission Taylor Rd     Box Elder, Mt  59521
Rocky Boy Elem K-6         Rocky Boy Agency     Rocky Boy, MT 406-395-4474
Rocky Boy High School & 7-8       Rocky Boy Agency     Rocky Boy, MT 406-395-4270

North Star Schools          PO Box 129     Rudyard, MT  59540
North Star Elem        105 3rd Ave NE     Rudyard, MT  59540 406-355-4481
North Star High School & 7-8       105 3rd Ave NE     Rudyard, MT 406-355-4481

Cottonwood Schools           14627 Wildhorse Rd,     Havre, 59501
Cottonwood North               33026 Road 130 N      Havre  59501 406-394-2273
Cottonwood West                10250 County Rd 710 W     Havre, MT  59501   406-265-9488

Davey School             PO Box 1829     Havre, MT  5950                                                                  56182 Clear Creek Rd     Havre, 59501 406395-4461

Gildford Colony School     PO Box 138     Gildford, MT  59525                                                 21719 Road 160 N     Gildford, MT  59525 406-376-3249

St. Judes/Havre Central        420 7th Ave     Havre, Mt  59501 406-265-4613


Superintendent of Schools